600g cuttlefish                                  Ground spices:

200g prawns                                     10 shallots

2 fresh red chillies, chopped             4 pips garlic

1 stalk spring onions, chopped         2cm shrimp paste (toasted) belacan

4 tbsp oil                                          2-3 tbsp chilli paste

2 tsp corn flour                                3 tbsp tamarind juice

1/2 cup water                                   salt and sugar to taste



Clean cuttlefish,remove head and intestines and keep it whole.wash and dry. Cut away the

tip (so that the air can escape)

Coat the inside with a little cornflour(so that the filling will stick) .Mix prawn paste,red

chillies and spring onions together until well combined.

Stuff each cuttlefish with the prawn paste.Can use a toothpick to seal the edges. You can

steam the cuttlefish or deep fry the cuttlefish until cook.

Heat up the oil, saute the grounded spices until fragrant. Add tamarind juice,water,salt and


Add the cuttlefish and cook until gravy thickens.