750g fish spanish mackerel                      5 fresh red chillies

10 lady’s finger                                         1cm galangal(lengkuas)

1 brinjal, cut into 4                                    2 lemon grass(serai)

3 tomatoes, cut into 4                               2cm fresh turmeric(kunyit basah)

1 coconut ,                                               21/2 cm toasted shrimp paste(belacan)

1 ginger flower (bunga kantan)                2 tbsp fish curry powder

2 pcs kaffir lime leaves

5 tbsp oil                                                  Seasoning:

                                                                4 tbsp thick tamarind juice

Ground Spices:                                       1 tbsp sugar

15 shallots                                              salt to taste

12 pips garlic                                          2-3 tbsp lime juice (add lastly)

10 dried chillies



Heat oil ,saute ground spices until fragrant, Slowly add in thick coconut milk while frying to

get nice colour.

Pour in the thin coconut milk and bring to boil. Add ginger flower,kaffir leaves, and lower

fire. Simmer until fragrant.

Add all the vegetables,use medium heat. Half way thru, add in the fish pieces, and simmer

Add seasoning and mix well.