340 gm wet rice flour or rice flour

225 gm sago flour

1/4 tsp salt

855 ml (11/2 coconut) coconut milk

ingredients b:

425 ml water

450 gm sugar

8 screwpine leaves (if unable to obtain screwpine leaves, use vanilla essence 1 tsp)

red food colouring



Mix A till smooth. Set aside. Boil ingredients B till sugar dissolves.

Leave the syrup to thicken a bit then strain. Pour the hot boiled syrup gradually into the

flour mixture, stirring all the time till it is well blended.

Divide flour mixture into two portions. Set aside one portion (uncoloured) and add red

colouring in another portion.

Grease a round or square tin. Place it in a steamer and pour 140 ml of uncoloured batter

in the tin.

Steam each layer for six or eight minutes. Pour alternatively the red and uncoloured batter

and steam till mixture is used up.



Stir the mixture each time before pouring into the tin. Test each layer is cooked before

making the next layer. You can use your fingertips to check if the layer is cooked. It can

take more then the required 8 minutes. It is required to leave the cake to cool down

completely before cutting and serving.