3 egg whites

4 oz. crystal sugar

4 oz. castor sugar



Beat egg whites till frothy, add crystal sugar and beat till stiff, fold in castor sugar, bake in a slow oven (300oF), till crisp.


To Wash ClothesTo every 2 1/2 gallons of water allow 1 lb yellow soap and 1 tablespoon kerosene. Boil this together for 1/2 an hour in the copper. When it is lukewarm put the linen in and soak all night. In the morning light a small fire underneath and bring the contents slowly to a gentle boil, which must be kept up for ½ an hour. Remove the linen, wring it out, and then wash a little in the usual way and rinse well. Unless the clothes are very dirty they will hardly need any rubbing at all. Only white clothes must be treated in this way.