1 head iceburg lettuce

    1 head romaine lettuce

    1 lb. plum (roma) tomatoes

    6 oz. greek or black olives, sliced

    4 oz. sliced radishes

    4 oz. feta cheese

    2 oz. anchovies (optional)


    3 oz. olive oil

    3 oz. fresh (preferred) lemon juice

    1 teaspoon dried oregano

    1 teaspoon black pepper

    1 teaspoon salt

    4 cloves garlic, minced


  Wash and cut lettuce into 1 1/2″ pieces.

  Slice tomatoes in quarters. Combine lettuce, tomatoes, olives,

 and radishes in large bowl. Mix dressing ingredients together

 and then toss with vegetables. Pour out into a shallow serving

 bowl. Crumble feta cheese over all, and arrange anchovy fillets

 on top (if desired).