• 2 1/2 lb Clams
  • 2 ts Ginger root minced
  • 2/3 c Chicken broth
  • 2 tb Black Bean Sauce
  • 1 tb Sherry
  • 1 ts Cornstarch
  • 2 ts Szechwan Chili Sauce
  • 1 tb Vegetable oil
  • 1 Scallions minced


Place clams on steamer rack over water in saucepan. Cover and bring to boil. Cook 5 minutes, or just until shells open. Drain. Combine broth, black bean sauce, sherry, cornstarch and chili sauce; set aside. Heat oil in wok or large skillet over high heat. Add onion and ginger; stir-fry 30 seconds. Add clams and black bean sauce mixture; cook and stir 30 seconds, or until sauce boils and thickens and clams are hot. Serve plain or over hot, cooked noodles, as desired.