4 medium tomatoes sliced

2 apple cucumbers peeled and sliced

Small fresh white onion finely sliced

16 oz fresh cubed pineapple

Small cup finely cubed cheese (your choice)

One cup cooked (cold) firm cubed potato

One cup finely diced Honey Ham

One cup (cold) bacon, finely cut, cooked crispy and dried fat free.

4 hard boiled eggs, neatly sliced

4-6 nice fresh and washed lettuce leaves

Salt and Pepper

A little sugar



In a large glass bowl, line with lettuce leaves. In a another bowl carefully toss together all other ingredients except the eggs, seasoning with salt, pepper and a little sugar. Now add all carefully to the lettuce lined bowl, presenting nicely. Finally place eggs around top of salad again displaying perfectly and seal. Serve just lightly cooled.

Note-In separate serving bowl offer sliced beetroot.


Note-Do not add any dressings, this salad is natural. Ample amounts of salt and pepper should be added.